USXC Racing Rules

The 2019-2020 USXC Racing Rules Book

Rule Book updated occasionally. Last updated on 1/22/2020.
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All-Terrain Note:

All-terrain events will need a State Trail permit.

1. Any 1980 through 1998 – 600 cc or smaller IFS Snowmobile

2. Must be a stock production machine that was available through the dealer network

3. Engine - must remain stock, no porting of cylinders. Stock compression ratio. No over bore on plated cylinders. Maximum of .020 over on steel liners. Must match sled model as produced.

4. Exhaust - must be stock OEM for make and model  ClassicIFSPhoto

5. Open Shocks – shock travel must remain the same for make and model – any spring can be used

6. Track-open - (no cleated track) Track lug height cannot be less than the stock for that model, but can be higher

7. Clutches – can be replaced with new models of the same make (I/E Polaris clutches only on Polaris machines, Arctic clutches only on Arctic Cats) Any combination of weights, cams and springs can be used. Sled must retain stock center distance – must have stock clutch guards.

8. Chain case & brakes – must use stock chain case and brake caliper for that model. If sled was built w/o hydraulic brakes, they can be upgraded to hydraulic. Any sprocket size or chain can be used. Air can be ducted to brake caliper through existing hood vents.

9. Hoods - much be same style, shape with same louvers as stock for that model. After market hoods that are the same as OEM are legal. Must race with an adequate wind shield height to deflect debris away from the drivers face with the driver in an upright position.

10. Suspension – front & rear must be OEM – for that make and model – can be lowered, must retain at least 2" of travel. Suspension travel can not be more than stock for that make or model. No light weight suspension components – can be reinforced by welding or bracing. Must retain original geometry.

11. No drilling of lightening up parts – machine must weigh same as stock, a 5% tolerance will be allowed

12. Skis – plastic skis are allowed, must the same length and width as production. No short aluminum oval skis allowed. Steel skis must have padded tips at least 1" wide

13. Carburetors and ignition must be the same as produced. Any jets or slides can be used. ECM must be the same as stock, no modified timing curves.

14. Handle bars - open, must have capped ends, no twist grips

15. Seat foam can be added, but seat can not be cut down to be lower than stock, but can be 1" higher stock.

16. Must have a functioning tach, speedo and lights

17. Glass headlights must have clear tape over them

18. Larger fuel tanks can be installed – sled must be able to run at least 65 miles per fill – rear tanks are legal

19. Sled must comply with all USXC safety equipment

  • Tether
  • Shut off switch
  • Parking brake
  • 6" tall numbers on the hood and ¾" wide

20. All other USXC stock sled rules apply

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