USXC Racing Rules

The 2019-2020 USXC Racing Rules Book

Rule Book updated occasionally. Last updated on 11/13/2019.
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All-Terrain Note:

All-terrain events will need a State Trail permit.

1. CELL PHONE – we encourage all drivers to carry a cell phone – we will have a dedicated emergency phone. Number ___________________

2. If you stop to aid an injured racer and it can be verified, your time will be adjusted.

3. Full coverage helmet

  • 2015 or newer Snell Certificate or ECE2205 Code
  • Must have 75% blaze orange
  • Must be fastened at all times

4. Race Jacket - needs to have at least 144 sq. inches of orange on the front and back. This does not include the space the numbers take.

5. No orange paint or decals on the snowmobile.

6. Eye protection is mandatory – is recommended that you carry a spare pair of goggles. If corrective lenses are required to drive a motor vehicle – you must use them to race also.

7. UPPER BODY PROTECTION IS MANDITORY – per ISR rule book, page 19. See illustrations

  • Must have shoulder pads
  • Shin and knee guards mandatory – both legs – guard must extend from instep to above the knee cap
  • Neck braces and elbow pads are recommended

8. There will be a pre-race equipment check – make sure to have your helmet and equipment along at check in.

9. The USXC with have upper body protection and helmet covers for rent – quantities will be limited, so call ahead to reserve.

10. USXC will have transponders to rent – we would like to get a handle on how many we need. If you have one, please send us your transponder number. If you will be renting, please let us know that as well so we have enough on hand.

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