Heads Up Event Clarification

usxclogonewswebHeads Up Event Clarification

USXC has added the following to the Rules Book on Page 43: "If a participant qualifies for a heads up event with a different machine than he races with, he must start at the rear of the field or if room in the last row." If you have questions on racing rules, please refer to our Rules Book or the ISR website.

Woodys as Proud Sponsor

woodysWoody's as Proud Sponsor

USXC and Woody’s are proud to announce their sponsorship of the prestigious Seven-Clans I-500 Winnipeg to Willmar Race I-500 Stock Class, as well as the I-500 class season events.

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MN State Trail Sticker Needed for I-500

usxclogonewswebMN State Trail Sticker Needed for I-500

THE MINNESOTA DNR HAS RULED THAT A SNOWMOBILE RACING ON A STATE TRAIL NEEDS TO DISPLAY A MN STATE TRAIL STICKER. This will affect all of our terrain races including the I-500, Park Rapids, the Seven Clans 300 TRF & Warroad races.

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VIN Number of Sleds Needed for I-500

WtoW2015Logo140x133VIN Number of Sleds Needed for I-500

US Customs needs the last 8 characters of the race sled VIN number for all the I-500 Winnipeg to Willmar race entries crossing the border. If you have already entered for the I-500, please email us the numbers. The online I-500 registration entry forms have been updated to include this information. This does NOT affect the Vintage or Junior entries for the I-500 as they do not cross the border.

Reminder - Contacts for Questions

usxclogonewswebReminder - Contacts for Questions

Just a reminder - Please...
For ALL Technical and Sled Questions call Scott Schuster at 701-740-2090.
For Questions Regarding Registration, Payment and Bib Numbers call Vic Radel at 320-220-1712.

Factory Stock 600 class name changes

usxclogonewswebFactory Stock 600 class name changes

To comply with ISR, we have changed the class names for all Factory Stock 600 classes. Below is a list of the updated class names for Factory Stock 600 classes only:

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