GPS Locator App

usxclogonewswebGPS Locator App

This information comes from the Sheriff's Department:
We wanted to share with you a website that could be very useful for locating people that are lost or broke down and could be a huge benefit to racers. The website can be accessed by any smartphone & we tell our dispatchers to have the 911 caller go to the site to get their exact GPS location so we know where to send our responders.

If you go to the site, bookmark it, & hit the next format button – you can see the GPS format change & give the person a map of where they are. If/when an accident occurs, our dispatchers will ask them if they know their GPS location & we will know right where they are at. We prefer to use the ‘decimal degrees’ format.

This would be helpful just in case an emergency occurs or even if they break down in the middle of nowhere.

USXC Racing encourages ALL RACERS to go to this website and download the app to your cell phones.
Thank you,
Brian Nelson

Park Rapids Race Info

usxclogonewswebPark Rapids Race Info

The Park Rapids race will start at 9:00 AM. The Park Rapids Chamber will be charging a gate as in the past. 100% of the gate plus extra sponsor money they receive all goes back to the purse. The race will be done early so they are encouraging racers and crews to bring along trail sleds and go for a ride. They will be giving you a wrist tag when you enter that will qualify for discounts at a number of local businesses, mostly restaurants, etc.

Manvel Race Postponed

usxclogonewswebManvel Race Postponed

The Manvel event, scheduled for January 5, has been postponed until further notice. The wind blew most of the snow away, with too much bare ground showing now; we will not run in unsafe conditions. USXC will try and fit that event in later in the season depending on conditions.
Thank you,
Brian Nelson

Wear Rod Clarification Change in Rule Book

usxclogonewswebWear Rod Clarification Change in Rule Book

For clarification of carbides on wear rods for all machines, the following statement has been added to page 12 under "5. Ski and Ski Runner" in the USXC Racing Rule Book: "The carbide on wear rods cannot be more than 10" in length and no sharper than (not less than) 60 degrees."
You can find the updated Rule Book on our website here: Rule Book.



Throughout the season, USXC Racing utilizes hundreds of miles of trails throughout the state of Minnesota, that are maintained and managed by the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association and its members.

This season, USXC Racing would like to encourage ALL racers to join MN USA and as a result, you will receive 10 BONUS POINTS added to your primary class season points.

To receive the bonus points, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a copy of your MN USA confirmation email for the upcoming season and/or membership card. Please put in the subject line: MN USA BONUS POINTS. *Proof of Membership must be received prior to February 8, 2019. No exceptions.

USXC Racing thanks you for your continued support with MN USA and its partners.

Thank you,
Brian Nelson


ISRLogo140x782019 ISR Competition Licenses Available

2019 Competition Licenses NOW AVAILABLE

2019 Competition Licenses required for all ISR sanctioned events are now available on-line for registration by drivers and crews.

All drivers MUST BE pre-registered prior to any competition laps in an ISR affiliated event. Annual Competition Hard Cards will be mailed directly to you once you have completed your on-line registration.

NOTICE: Annual Hard Cards are no longer available for registration at the event. Additionally, all registrations, including single event passes, are NOW REQUIRED to be completed on-line prior to the start of competition. This change was mandated by the insurance partner to assure all riders are in the database of eligible drivers prior to the start of any competition.

Only 45 days until our season opener!

FXR - New Pilot Transition Goggle

FXRlogo2FXR - New Pilot Transition Goggle

The best riders need precision fit and clarity. The Pilot Transition Goggle, with photochromatic auto-darkening technology, adapts itself automatically to different lighting conditions so you see more. Check it out HERE.

Classic IFS Rule Book Change

usxclogonewswebClassic IFS Rule Book Change

After much thought and discussion, we have changed the Classic IFS rule back to include 1980 to 1998 sleds only. Please refer to the new Rule Book, pages 8 and 30, on our website here: Rule Book.