You Must Register for ISR/USAC to Race

usxclogonewswebYou Must Register for ISR/USAC to Race

Your ISR number will be the same as your USAC insurance card number.
ISR Competitor Instructions
Please obtain a valid USAC/ISR Competition License which is valid at ANY ISR affiliated event (snocross, circle track, hill climb, drag, cross country). Note you will only

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New Ski Doo Race Sled Colors!

usxclogonewswebNew Ski Doo Race Sled Colors!

BRP has black panels available to replace the orange ones. The orange spindles will have to be painted or covered with tape or vinyl. The skid frame rails can be left alone.

Satellite Locator Devices

SPOTDevice140x136Satellite Locator Devices

USXC encourages racers to use a Satellite Locator Device, especially for the I-500 race in February. The device will track your location by satellite so others can see your progress. This same device is used in the Iron Dog race in Alaska to locate the drivers. Sponsors, Family, Friends & Fans can use their smart phone or computer to track your location. Click here to see their website. Click here to see the GPS tracking page on the IronDog site, then click on the ABOUT link just above the map.

All Racers - Helmet Regs Change

usxclogonewswebAll Racers - Helmet Regs have Changed!

All Racers take note: Helmet Regs. have changed! Previously the 2005 Snell helmet was acceptable, but now it is 2010 or newer Snell helmet that is

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Race Number to be on Windshield

usxclogonewswebRace Number to be on Windshield

Racers - For the 2014-2015 USXC Racing season we are going to require your race number to also be on your windshield. It can be an oval decal and should be 6 inches in diameter.