usxclogonewswebA Few New Rules in Rule Book

Racers and Crew: We have added a few things in our Rule Book.
1. On a 2 day timed event if you breakdown down on day 1 you can not repair the machine and start day 2. With out a valid finishing time you are out of the race.

This is to not create issues on the track with racers that have a valid time and are still competing. You are always welcome to be a sweep sled and follow the last racers out and ride the course. You can not pass racers when sweeping. - Found on Page 35 under Mechanical Breakdown.
2. On a 2 day lake race if you break down during your qualifying heat you can repair the machine and start at the back of our final event on Sunday. - Found on Page 35 under Mechanical Breakdown.
3. Confronting a USXC crew member in an aggressive manor at any time will result in a permanent ban from racing with USXC. Racers are responsible for there own crew members actions. Please keep your emotions under control. - Found on Page 39 under Other Violations.
Please see the updated Rule Book Here.