usxclogonewswebGPS Locator App

This information comes from the Sheriff's Department:
We wanted to share with you a website that could be very useful for locating people that are lost or broke down and could be a huge benefit to racers. The website can be accessed by any smartphone & we tell our dispatchers to have the 911 caller go to the site to get their exact GPS location so we know where to send our responders.

If you go to the site, bookmark it, & hit the next format button – you can see the GPS format change & give the person a map of where they are. If/when an accident occurs, our dispatchers will ask them if they know their GPS location & we will know right where they are at. We prefer to use the ‘decimal degrees’ format.

This would be helpful just in case an emergency occurs or even if they break down in the middle of nowhere.

USXC Racing encourages ALL RACERS to go to this website and download the app to your cell phones.
Thank you,
Brian Nelson