usxclogonewswebInformation on the 2019 USXC Schedule

We have had a number of racers ask us why the I-500 is not on the 2019 schedule. Although we love the event and it has been a part of my life since 1971, the race just doesn’t make financial sense any more. I want to thank the snowmobile clubs that provided spotters and support, the law enforcement departments in all the counties we raced through, the sponsors and the hundreds of individual people that helped and supported the event. The reasons we are not running it in 2019 are:

  1. The hours it takes to mark 525 miles and pick up the markers, the time it takes to do the permits, make sure every road crossing is manned, and all the logistics of putting it together. This one event takes almost as much time as all the rest of our events combined.
  2. The 3-day entrees are less every year, the last day entrees are up a bit but they don’t add much to the financial aspect. This is due to the cost of teams racing the event plus the time they have to take off work, etc. And the general state of the snowmobile industry! There are just not as many racers as there once was. Hopefully the weather changes and the sport can start growing again.
  3. We will be trying a few new events this year where we can charge a gate, ERX and a ski hill event to be announced. This type of event adds revenue and takes a lot less time and expense to set up.
  4. I would like to thank all the racers and crews that did support and enjoy the race in the past. Maybe someday with help from mother nature we can run the I-500 again.

Best Regards,
Brian Nelson