2017I600Logo140x1882017 Winnipeg to Willmar I-600 Itinerary

1. Sled & racer pre-check will be at the starting line in WPG. All machines must be staged by 4:00 PM on Tuesday, Feb. 7th.
2. Bring your helmet to pre-check.
3. You can put a cover on your machine and will be allowed to top off the fuel in the morning. If the temp is going to be below zero you can also take your drive belt off.

4. The drivers meeting will be at the Holiday Inn South in WPG. We apologize for the location but it was the only hotel close that would work with us after 2 cancellations. There is NO room for trailer parking, you should leave your trailer at the staging area. The drivers meeting will be at 7:00 PM Tuesday, Feb. 7th. This is mandatory, you will be checked in.
5. The first flight will leave at 8:30 AM, the number of sleds per flight will be determined by the weather at the time. It will most likely be 2 or 4 at a time.
6. Make sure you have a location on your suit for a cell phone, it should be located where it stays warm. Also, make sure you have the emergency numbers programed in or carry the card. The participant will need their passport to get into the U.S. during the race. Make sure it’s located somewhere on the machine where it’s secure and won’t get lost. A windshield bag is a good location.
7. We will need the names of everyone plus their DOB and address that will be crossing the border. Plus, the last 8 numbers of the snowmobile VIN number. We will need this 2 weeks before the race.
8. All crew vehicles will be required to reenter the U.S. at the Lancaster POE. The reason is so the crews are not blocking the racers at the Pembina port. You take the road straight east from the Speedway approximately 5 miles to HWY 59 south.
9. Crews are NOT allowed to chase their driver, this will result in a time penalty. Plus, it’s a good way for the Minnesota DOT or the RCMP to deny a permit.
10. There will be no refunds of entry fees after Tuesday, Feb. 7th.
11. Every racer will need to purchase a fuel pass, go to the USXC web site, you will then receive the pass at Winnipeg check in.
12. There will be a one hour maintenance period at the end of day 1 and day 3. There will be no maintenance period in Bemidji. Your welcome to work on your sled after the start on day 2. You can elect to skip the maintenance period. All sleds going into the repair area will have 2 minutes added onto their time.
13. The day 1 deadline to make the finish in TRF will be 2:45 PM. The repair area will open at 3:00 PM. At 4:00 PM, we will stage for day 2. The starting order will be reversed. If you are not there to stage your sled you will start at the back on day 2.
14. If you would like race route maps you can download them from the USXC web site, they are in PDF format. Keep in mind there could still be small route changes. You’re also welcome to pre-ride sections.
15. The # packets for the Canadian racers will not be mailed as it takes too long. They will receive them at check-in in Canada.
16. For last minute payment issues and ISR insurance issues see Kyrsten Zimpel at the USXC trailer in WPG.