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USXC is always looking for ways to increase safety. We have been looking for a product that will allow basic tracking of the racer while using the cell phone everyone has. Everyone has a different make of smart phone so it has to work across platforms. Most of our

races will have cellular service that is adequate but not always complete, so we are recommending trying Life 360 if you do not already have a better method. Life 360 works on iPhone, Android and Windows phones. It is a map based service and the basic program is Free. It works good for up to 10 people in your circle and can instantly track or message the group. You can also have a Check-in sent when the racer reaches a particular location. One of the drawbacks that I see is that running a tracking app all the time does drain the battery about 20% faster because of the constant GPS usage. Try the free one out. If your whole group is iPhone based then there are tools for just the Apple products also. You can find details here at

Gene Ward
USXC Webmaster
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