Welcome to USXC Touring Series

BNelsonRacesmSpicer, Minn. (July 3, 2012) – First off, let me say I am amazed at all the positive feed back & support we have received. It looks like XC racing is alive and well, hopefully Mother Nature cooperates this winter.
A little background on myself! Went to my first race in 1966, ran a single cylinder 16 HP Ski Doo, fell in love with the sport and have been involved in one aspect or another since. I raced for Enduro Team Deere and Team Arctic in the 70’s until Arctic shut down. Then I became a snowmobile-marine dealer in Spicer, Mn. To start with, we sold Polaris and Ski Doo snowmobiles, when Arctic came back from vacation we traded the Ski Doos for a Cat dealership.
BrianNPhotosmI taught youth snowmobile training for 18 years. We ran and promoted many xc events and were in on the original ISOC series. We also promoted and ran a number of drag race/speed runs which led to the NSSR series. We were involved with the development of the ZR. We ran a snowmobile tour business in Montana & Wyoming from 1980 until 2009, doing the Cat’s Pride western tours for a number of years.  And now it looks like we’re into a new challenge and looking forward to it.
Our goal is to establish a well organized, professional race circuit that the top riders from all over the country will want to participate in. I also recognize that we need the family racers, the youths, girls, the veterans, the dad with his son. We have created a number of new classes (19 total) hopefully we have a class for just about any age group or machine.. We are looking at doing a race school for beginners and youth riders.
A circuit like this can not exist without sponsors. We need to support them, we will be having a page on the web site listing contact info for all our sponsors. Thank them, patronize them, they need to know that they are getting a return on their investment.
So what’s in this for us?  First and foremost its people! It’s all the friends we make, great interesting people we meet and the enjoyment we can have together with this great sport of snowmobiling.
Brian Nelson