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The Legend of the I-500

The Legend Continues

The image of a lone racer hurling down a windswept ditch line – skis dangling in the air and the bitter cold clearly visible in the rider’s hunkered posture –...

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Past Champions of the I-500

From Herb Howe to Leroy Lindblad, Stan Hayes to Brian Nelson, Yvon Duhamel to Kirk Hibbert, Jack Struthers to Corey Davidson, Todd Wolff to Bryan Dyrdahl and beyond, the list...

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Winnipeg to St. Paul

The Winnipeg to St. Paul website has tons of information on the I-500 races held in the 60's and 70's. There are many photos, race teams and drivers, and memorabilia...

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1917 Winnipeg to St. Paul Dog Race

This was the first race of it's kind, "the longest and most unusual dog-team competition the United States had ever known." The original I-500 Winnipeg to St. Paul Snowmobile Race fashioned...

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